Cute and a cool surprise!

First up a short video filmed when I left work today at King Tut of the cutest, animated puppy chasing after a ball thrown by her owner, very cute dog, should have got more footage, one of the fastest running dogs I’ve seen!!

And after getting home and getting ready to do my Japanese shukudai (homework), I was looking around for a pencil and looked through my makeshift gaming box and found my long lost copy of Rez for the Dreamcast purchased from Super Potato in Akihabara!! Am completely over the moon with this as I thought I had thrown it out in a recent clean up of my room so this is a big deal!!

This game is Sega at its best and has to be played to be believed!!! This is one game I’ll be playing tomorrow after Japanese class!!


Upcoming 3DS game clips…

A couple of awesome clips hosted by IGN of upcoming 3DS games which look so sweet I can’t begin to describe the excitement I have for both of these especially Dream Trigger which looks absolutely seizure inducing, ie. the shiznit!!! Check the other clip for DOA: Dimensions which is shaping along nicely and will compliment the other fighting game, SSF IV, quite well in the roster of quality games for the 3DS that is slowly building up 🙂

DOA Dimensions

Dream Trigger

This is most awesome…

Found this on Ebay through facebook…OMG!! This is as good as it gets!!! Sega related, Dreamcast related = is Don, is good!!