Kojima and “transfarring”

Cool video that explains the recent term coined by Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, to explain how a saved Peacewalker file can be “transfarred” to your PSP to continue on the go and then “transfar” your save game back to the PS3 so you can continue at home. This will be implemented for the new Metal Gear HD when it hits the PS3. Transfarring…hmm…


More shattering news :(

As mentioned yesterday I’ve been waiting for the PSN store to come back online so I can get my mitts on some news games and demos from the Japanese PSN store. I know that it’s not supposed to be back up until the end of this month being May but there were whispers that it would be back up today…imagine my shock and utter dismay when I read that nope…it ain’t gonna be up today!! I suppose I only have myself to blame for getting my hopes up, Sony did say end of May so I’ll keep them to that. But from the other side of the pond being Nintendo land, I hear that the eagerly awaited Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version, which was to coincide with the launch of the eShop has also been delayed and won’t be available on June 7th!! Things just aren’t happening today but on a brighter note, the news that Sony are going to be bringing PSP classics to the PS3, fully remastered in HD and with Siaxxis support , builds more momentum with the news that Peacewalker is one title that’s going to be receiving said treatment…this is awesome and nearly deadens the blow of the two previously mentioned news 🙂 Peacewalker, for the uninitiated out there, follows along in the Metal Gear Universe and has received rave reviews as one of the best games available for the Sony PSP.

No news on when this is happening has been confirmed as definitely happening so one reason to rejoice!!