Random Happenings Sep 6th 2010

So today marks the start of my last working week at the Melbourne Museum before we jet off to Japan. Working at the Museum or MM is extremely rewarding with interesting and exciting environments and just as many interesting people with always something new to do. This current job is easily the best I’ve had and I’ve had some pretty ordinary ones. One that comes to mind was my most recent experience within a local government environment. I’m not going to name names as I’m beyond that (hopefully) but sheesh, that was  a terrible experience towards the end with me asking for help and more training and constantly been told ‘next year’, it honestly was like talking to a brick wall while staff and people that are in positions to help you were idly sitting by on their hands. Anyways enough of my dark days and onto better things but if anyone reading this can take just one thing away from my story is that never believe that what you are doing is the best that you can do, the grass is always greener on the other side if you’re willing to make the leap and just believe in yourself 🙂

So here is a pic of my work area today, I’ll point some things out for you all.

Starting from the left is the recent copy of Dengeki Games, a Japanese multi platform gaming magazine that I get imported in for my by a neat little shop in the city called Kanga Kanga run by a young Japanese man who’s name eludes me but he always greets me by my name when I make my regular visits to pick up my mag. The magazine is all in Japanese which I can’t read but I love looking at the pics and I can roughly make out what games they’re talking about but it always has gorgeous graphics which make the mag worth buying for. I call them my picture books which makes Laucha laugh…at nearly $AU30 for the magazine though, I better learn Japanese ASAP so I start getting my money’s worth!!

Smack bang in the centre leaning against my pc is my PSPGo and my iPhone 4. The PspGo has received a bad rap with many pundits saying that the hardware is a failure for many reasons like digital content been charged full price on PSN when you can buy it second hand on UMD in most shops for next to peanuts and also that some games will not be receiving the digital content treatment at all as the Kingdom Hearts game has been reported not to be receiving or that games take aggges to be made available on the PSN. My opinion is that for me, it more than suits my purposes and beats having to carry around multiple UMD’s with you on your person. I’ll probably end up buying a large capacity micro sd card for it Japan so I can carry more content. I know the PSPGo isn’t for everyone and while I can see and agree with the angry non believers, for me it’s perfect and I have zero complaints. The iPhone 4 needs no introduction and those with eagle eyes will notice that I am running the Mirai Chan clock app from popular Japanese blogger, Danny Choo. Great little app with heaps of pics of Mirai Chan and the clock itself can be moved around and customised however you want…I loves it. The latest incarnation of the iPhone has also received bad raps from the Antennagate scandal but I have to say for me, even when I apply the ‘death grip’, it’s not that big a deal and I’ve certainly had no dropped calls. Also with the proximity sensor issue where the phone doesn’t dim it’s display when you’re on the phone therefore activating functions with your cheek, this has never happened to me personally 🙂

On my desktop I have a Nendoroid figure made by Good Smile Company, the figure is of Ryuk the Death God from runaway success anime, Death Note which has received the live action movie treatment as well. Three live action movies have been made which proved to be extremely popular with Japanese audiences.

And lastly On the right I have my trusty and ever reliable unibody 13″ Macbook which recently received an upgrade in the form of a Samsung 640GB HDD up from the standard 160GB HDD it comes with. Laucha and I share this machine and it is now our primary machine as, well, me and Windows…not a fan, not at all 🙂

Walking to lunch today thought I’d turn around and take a quick snap of the Melbourne Museum where I work…had the sun in my eyes so the pic didn’t come out too well…BTW, all the snaps on this blog have been taken with the iPhone 4…pretty good quality for a camera phone methinks 🙂

Decided to have lunch at the nearby St. Vincent’s Hospital and their cafe puts on a good spread I think with healthy eating to be had.

Today’s lunch was beef goulash with fried rice and noodles, noodles weren’t too crash hot but everything else was spot on and filled my belly. Also had a can of Mother energy drink to wash everything down with.

Ended up walking back to the Museum through the Carlton Garden as it turned out to be a sunny gorgeous Spring lunch. Below you’ll find snaps that I was inspired to take.

The steel bands are to stop the possums from destroying species that Parks are trying to preserve and allow to grow. The next couple of shots are of the Royal Exhibition Building or REB.

The last shot is a bit worrying…I think it’s someone’s home/park bench? Never see homeless in the park though…

For those of you interested I’ve included a Google Map below that shows the Melbourne Museum and the Carlton Gardens where you’ll find MM and REB.

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On the tram, on the way home…wasn’t too full for a change.

Ended up deciding on Chinese for dinner, the actual restaurant fronts onto the main road while the back is a little take away area.

And these are the fruit of our spoils…special fried rice, season vegetables, chicken cashew and beef in black bean sauce…went down very well 🙂


Random happenings Sep 3rd – Sep 5th 2010

Thought I’d start this off with some random sightings around town and here and there…

First up, this was spotted at Watergardens Shopping Centre in Taylors Lakes the other night when Laucha and myself went to check out some footwear for her for our upcoming trip to Japan (will be hot there you see).

We ended up having dinner there courtesy of Grill’d which leaves Burger Edge in the dust imo. Best burgers in town!

As a spur of the moment kind of thing, we thought we’d watch a movie and settled on the new Angelina Jolie thriller, Salt.

Was quite gripping but could have been much better to be honest. Walked away feeling that the action scenes could have easily been expanded on…oh well, next time 🙂

Picture of my ginger moggy, Ichigo which we rescued from surely being put down…his mother, Ichigo and his sister, Wednesday were found in a stable. The mother was feral and had to be put down but her kittens or killens as we call them were quite tame. A bit skittish at the start but both brother and sister have settled in nicely. This is a pic of Ichi just kicking back like it’s no one’s business.

Laucha and I were out and about this morning being Father’s Day. Even though I’m a step dad, it’s still acknowledged which gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside. We went out for brunch at Highpoint Shopping Centre and saw these adorable Kimmi Dolls in a shop windows and popped in for a closer look. There were also Ninja Warrior dolls and assorted goodies, Laucha ended up buying me a Ninja Warrior satchel bag (pics next time) which will be handy for carrying our Macbook and other essential items around with me 🙂

After too much walking around we decided to recharge ourselves with a drink, specifically a hot chocolate served by the bald man, Max Brenner. Was my first time there and I have to say…I wasn’t sold. I usually have Koko Black which imo has a far superior flavour. Koko Black tends to use melted chocolate as the base for flavour or at least it tastes like it. It is a far richer drink and usually satisfies your hunger as well.

Last not least, the last thing we did there was go to a little kiosk on the ground floor that does prints on t shirts and hoodies (hooded tops). I write for a new Australian gaming website on the side called Aussie Gamer as Japandaman and thought it would be cool to have a branded t shirt of the site. The reasons are two fold, first I can help raise exposure by wearing it around. Secondly, our family trip to Japan is coinciding with the Tokyo Game Show or TGS. I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a press pass for the event from site overlord, Ty, for myself and wifey. I’ll be covering the event for A-G as their overseas correspondent which is going to be way cool and give me hands on time with some upcoming games which I can’t wait for! More on this as it gets closer…

For those of you playing at home, it’s T minus 9 days til Japan!!