Wednesday & Ichigo as kittens :)


We lost our beloved white tortoise shell cat, Wednesday, after having her for two years recently. Here is a collection of pics of her and her brother, Ichigo as kittens πŸ™‚

Video below part 1 of 2 of the kittens trying one their collars for the first time which was pretty funny as they slowly but surely adjusted to life with a bell around their necks πŸ™‚


Part 2 of the collar experience πŸ™‚


Random Happenings Sep 8th – Sep 11th 2010

Decided to wait a few day so I would have enough pics to post as even though I love my life I don’t have enough interesting things to photograph to put up in a post a day, that will no doubt change when we’re in Japan though πŸ™‚

I was on my way to work and was waiting for the tram to take me to the MM when I turned around and looked up at what used to be the Melbourne GPO, still is but consumerism turned it into a shopping centre like everything else 😦 Anyways, I thought it would make a good pic πŸ™‚

At work now having to pull data off a busted hard drive while Ryuk supervises everything πŸ™‚

Moving some new stock around MM on a pallet machine…not a huge fan of Dell but they do the job.

Later on the day for lunch, I thought I’d head into the city proper for some lunch and saw this older dude scooting around on an awesome looking hog!

Fast forward to a few days later and at the shopping centre in the middle of the city, Melbourne Central, I spotted a few cute animals ranging from puppies, kittens, turtles and rabbits at the local Pets Paradise store πŸ™‚

I like this photo above…dancing turtles?

On Saturday, Laucha and I were in the city to get some last minute things done before the Japan trip and we spotted a newish ramen place. Ended up having lunch there and it was good!! No pics as before I knew it, it was all gone 😦

Apple geeks will know that the latest update to the iPhone 4 recently was released. That would be the iOS 4.1 update making it the second update since the iPhone 4 was released a little over a month ago. Hopefully this recent update will address some issues affecting some users. One of the points of interest as an added piece of functionality however was the inclusion of an HDR option for the camera. HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is basically taking multiple pics at different exposures at the same time and then superimposing all the pics on top of each other resulting in greater colours and detail. Below you’ll find 2 pics taken when we were driving home, the first one was normal and the second one was taken using the HDR option. You can see there’s brighter colours and more detail in the HDR shot even in the clouds. I think I’ll be playing a lot more with this as the file size difference is insignificant.

Lastly 2 shots taken last night of our animals sleeping. Ichigo, the ginger moggy, is always good for a laugh watching him sleep and this pic is no exception πŸ™‚

Ichigo and Cuba having a snuggle as they sleep…cute.

As I type this, Firefox has just told me that there’s a new update to the beta taking it up version Beta 5…we’ll see what changes if any have been made.