Cute and a cool surprise!

First up a short video filmed when I left work today at King Tut of the cutest, animated puppy chasing after a ball thrown by her owner, very cute dog, should have got more footage, one of the fastest running dogs I’ve seen!!

And after getting home and getting ready to do my Japanese shukudai (homework), I was looking around for a pencil and looked through my makeshift gaming box and found my long lost copy of Rez for the Dreamcast purchased from Super Potato in Akihabara!! Am completely over the moon with this as I thought I had thrown it out in a recent clean up of my room so this is a big deal!!

This game is Sega at its best and has to be played to be believed!!! This is one game I’ll be playing tomorrow after Japanese class!!


Museum Happenings

Just some of the interesting things you can bump into when leaving the Melbourne Museum after a shift.

Pink limo and black stretch hummer limo and the Royal Exhibition Buildings bathed in pink lights for an art expo 🙂




Two days off from work and still tired…head is lightly pounding, calf muscles aren’t happy and shoulders weigh a ton!! Oh and my eyes aren’t too pleased to be open either 😦 But I must soldier on!!


Possums Galore!!!

So I was leaving my work at the Melbourne Museum for the King Tut exhibition and thought I’d take a shortcut through the Carlton Gardens which is teeming with possums!! There were several on the ground looking for food and one even came right up to me expecting food 🙂 They must be used to people giving them scraps 🙂 I’ve enclosed a few impromptu pics.






Have been absolutely flat out working my new job at the Melbourne Museum doing customer service for the King Tut exhibition which is very tiring but very cool at the same time, the other day we tended to an audience of over 6,000 just for the exhibition let alone the rest of the museum!! Crazy numbers 🙂 Hasn’t left a lot of time to do much else but have a couple of days off soon for Easter so will be posting new pics then 🙂

King Tut nearly in town!!

I’ve been busy training for my new Customer Service role at the Melbourne Museum for the upcoming King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibition…we (the new recruits) got a chance to walk through the galleries and it was dripping in awesome sauce!! So this week is the preview week for museum staff and families, VIP’s and museum members. The real thing kicks off this Friday 8th April so if you’re in Melbourne, you must come down but I can stress enough how important it is to book your tickets online first as just walking in may result in disappointment when the sessions for the day are sold out 😦

Melbourne Museum

King Tut tickets

New job, new possibilities!!

So I start a new job back at the Melbourne Museum tomorrow. Well, I’m in training for a few days for a customer service role for the upcoming King Tut exhibition which I’m really looking forward to…should be great! Another thing to look forward to this week is the much awaited release of the Nintendo 3DS…should be awesome.