Zelda HD – Wii U demonstration

Only because it looks completely gorgeous and lush, I’m showing the Zelda HD tech demo as shown by Peer from ign.com. I can only hope that when the full Zelda game comes out on the Wii U, which is still ages away I should add as it hasn’t been announced yet, it will look this hawt. Check the demo, it truly presents Link with so much detail in real time that hasn’t been seen before 🙂


The cheapest games? Not in Australia!

Following on from my recent post on Facebook and Twitter regarding the state of expensive games in Australia (thank you for the comments and Likes), I’m posting here the link to the original article on IGN just so everyone can see exactly how badly we’re getting done over here 😦 Makes you want to shop from this online retailer and only them! Oz Game Shop is based overseas but sell incredibly cheap games…I have a couple of friends who have used the site quite a few times and swear by them and the speedy service with free shipping around the world…4 days delivery in most cases!!! You can pick up the banned Mortal Kombat for PS3 for $54.99, free shipping and yes, that is the AUS price!! As I post this, they are currently sold out so place a pre order if you want it and thought you’d never be playing it 🙂

E3…it’s almost here!!!

If anyone wants to watch live footage of the press conferences from E3, the Microsoft conference will broadcast LIVE for the night owls at 2:30AM EST June 7th at the following address: http://au.ign.com/events/e3/2011/live-video, you can check out the Sony conference LIVE at 10:30AM June 7th EST at the same website. By all accounts, it will have a heavy emphasis on the NGP and no, there will no PS4 announcements! and finally the big one, the Nintendo conference will on at 2:00AM June 8th, another one for the night owls but will be oh so worth it 🙂

Once again that address for all three conferences: http://au.ign.com/events/e3/2011/live-video

E3 is here again!!!