Quick thanks!!

Just wanted to get in a quick thank you to the people that have downloaded my latest dj mix, Beats by L. My MediaFire account is registering 8 downloads already and it’s just been 24 hours!! So thank you to the anonymous downloaders and music lovers, hopefully you’re enjoying it!! Once again, the link to my Beats by L mix can be found HERE. Thank you once again! 🙂


The J-Pop Preview Mix is up! Download today!!

Ok, so the mix has finished uploading onto the Mediafire server and can now be downloaded for your enjoyment, listening pleasure and general critique. Keep in mind that this is just a prototype mix as I’ve never tried mixing with J-Pop and as outlined in an earlier post will pose its own challenges. I’m open to suggestions on songs that should be included, in fact, I implore feedback on this matter please!!! Without further ado…I present the J-Pop Preview Mix Japandaman Style 🙂 To download the mix, right click on the link and choose Save Link As or whatever the option is in other browsers if you’re not using FireFox (which you should be anyways).

J-Pop Preview Mix…about to be posted!

Have had a little time here and there between training for a new job and engrossing myself with the 3DS to do a little work on the J-Pop mix previously mentioned. I have too much music from the same artists namely Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48 and Koda Kumi so not much variety I’m afraid but this will change soon…will be getting some current J-Pop compilations to add to my library and build on the mix..I do have a J-Dance Mix in the works as well of which I have a larger choice of music. So currently in the J-Pop Preview Mix I added;

  1. Hot Stuff – Koda Kumi
  2. Microphone – Ayumi Hamasaki
  3. River – AKB48
  4. Fairyland – Ayumi Hamasaki

Short and sweet I know but J-Pop is so hard to mix compared to the R&B that I normally mix where the structure is normally 1st verse, chorus, 2nd verse, chorus again then usually an instrumental break which is where the mix would happen. J-Pop is structured a tad different so I had to improvise and add a few loops here and there so the music would lineup properly. Anyways, the mix is being uploaded so I’ll edit this post when it’s done 🙂 For those of you new to the crazy, infectious world of J-Pop, I’ve included clips of the songs below.

Hot Stuff – Koda Kumi

Microphone – Ayumi Hamasaki

River – AKB48

Fairyland – Ayumi Hamasaki

The J-Pop Project begins…

Have started to trawl through the Oricon charts to begin doing some gathering work for my J-Pop mix that I’ll start working on soon…I figure I’ll have a mixture of old and new in there, something for all J-Pop fans…for the uninitiated out there, J-Pop stands for Japanese Pop music which is extremely infectious and catchy. Some groups or artists leading the charge in Japan are AKB48(my fave), Ayumi Hamasaki and Hey!Say!Jump…keep in mind though that just like all forms or music, it ain’t for everyone. For those in Australia, the Oricon charts are like our Aria Charts so pretty much the bible of popular music according to sales. I do dabble in Dj’ing from time to time and will be posting links to my mixes here in the very near future…mainly RnB/Top 40 but there are a couple of House mixes that I did for a party. Another thing I’ll be looking at is an 80’s music mix which is probably my fave genre of music apart from J-Pop and game/anime OST’s but more on that later. In the meantime, have a clip of an absolutely awesome song from fripSide called Only My Railgun…a song like that belongs in an anime, amirite?