Melbourne Chinatown views…

Spent some time with work colleagues tonight which was great, such a diverse and interesting group of people I’m lucky enough to work with at the Melbourne Museum. Took a shortcut through Melbourne’s Chinatown area which I always love as I always seem to find new shops with cool things in the windows as the pics below will attest to 🙂 Ranging from the Taiko no Tatsujin arcade game which I was introduced to in Japan and still love, to shop fronts with interesting food models, Nintendo figures and a range of assorted characters. There always seems to be something new which draws my attention and makes me wonder how I missed it in the first place!







Supra spotted

Spotted this beast in Melbourne Chinatown…looks a tad unroadworthy as the front bar is no way higher than 10mm which is the law in Victoria. Still looks nice though 🙂