To all my dear readers, please be advised that this blog at this address won’t be updated any more. Instead I have lashed out and purchased my own domain and hosting package so now it’s my party and I’m calling the shots!! 🙂 But to all the readers that have given me great visits I thank you all and invite you to continue the party at:

Nearly the same as before, just drop the wordpress part out of the address so if you have this site bookmarked or are getting RSS feeds from it, you will need to update this info and just bookmark the new address 🙂

Once again:

See you all there!! 🙂


Changes ahead! :)

Plans are afoot for the Japandaman blog, not a dramatic change but something for the better that will give me greater control therefore giving you, the reader, a better experience 🙂 More news in the next few days.

Reworking the blog pt. 3

Ok…so all posts, past and current, have been categorised and tagged which should be evident when you’re reading the posts, also on the front page you should now see a menu which is actually the categories that  kept from the over 100 that were there in the first place…wayyyyy to many 🙂 I’ve decided to rename the blog and include V2.0 as in a sense it is a reboot. The theme may or may not be the permanent one but for now it’ll stay. I really like some of the Premium themes but being premium, they are not free 😦 So hoping you all like it, any feedback good or bad is always welcome and as always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Reworking the blog part. 2

So the back of house update continues…I think I have the categories I want but I think I still may have too many. I’ve begun using tags in the same way as I was using categories. So a few category menus and then the tags branch out under them to fine tune the blog posts, making them easier to search for the reader and on I’m also trying out a new theme, on display right now, where the categories appear as menus. Do you think I have too many and should cut down or is it just right and I’m being over analytical? Either way thanks for stopping by and for your opinions!!

Japandaman’s blog moves home

So my net buddy, Jack the budding entrepreneur from has given me some space on his server for my blog. The idea being that, hopefully soon, I’ll have my own sub domain, for example, that’d be nice but with any luck and hard work, it won’t be too far away!! Anyways, I’ve also noticed that since the import, some pics look blocky but if you click on them to blow them up, they come up just fine. Not sure is anything can be done about this 😦 But in other news, I’ve finally finished work on the short but sweet video from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 which was completed using iMovie on the iPhone 4. As I type, the vid is being uploaded to youtube and from there I’ll post it here. I’m also going to look at Facebook and Twitter integration as I don’t want to be updating each social space separately…pointless. Anyways, I’ll get back to it!!

It’s alive!!!

>I’ve decided that having a blog for my everyday life, my gaming habits, my writing efforts and my dj mixes is too exhausting so I’m amalgamating everything into one blog…this one! I’ll start using categories so it’s easy to add stuff and find older posts or items. I think this is a smarter way of arranging my life than having 4 different blogs…madness. So I hope you enjoy what I have to say, if anyone’s reading this 🙂

PS. So I’ve been googling and apparently Blogger doesn’t offer categories…shattered 😦