The state of Expos in Australia :(

2 days off work means more reviews to come for my new buddies over at Otaku Fuel…I’d kill to be going to Anime Expo ’11 but once upon a time I wanted to go to Tokyo Game Show and that ended up happening last year 🙂 Thanks once again to Aussie Gamer for the press hookup so I’m guessing if I play my cards right, I’ll end up at Anime Expo sooner rather than later. We really are starved for these kinds of expos in Australia, I mean, sure we have Supanova, Armagedon and Manifest as the three big ones but the space they occupy is minute compared to what takes place overseas. I’m fairly certain those three expos are the only big ones unless I’m missing one? The point being that while these shows do draw big names from the entertainment world, I’d give my left nut for something more anime/manga/J-pop culture related with a bigger emphasis on cosplay…maybe Japandaman needs to do something about this. Get some sponsorship happening, pay for some big names to come Down Under and get some people dragging themselves to a proper big show with vendors peddling their wares, the whole works. Good Smile Company, Max Factory and then maybe even Japanese pop culture blogger himself, Danny Choo. I’m sure he’d love it down here and people would definitely come from interstate to see him judging by the amount of Australian visitors to his site. And if we’re going that path, maybe even have a Japanese car culture section where Itasha would be introduced to the masses. If you don’t know what itasha is or what it means, have a click here or here.

But I digress as EB or Electronics Boutique themselves are planning an expo themselves at the end of the year, which in lieu of going to TGS this year, may be a distinct possibility on the Gold Coast. Link here to the website for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.

Of course something of this undertaking would require massive planning and I’d be doing market research for a lonnnng time to make sure this thing had the best chance of success and I’d probably call it Japania or something like that 🙂 So who’s with me, does anyone want to see a massive event like this here? So instead of us flying overseas, which we’d still do, it’d be great to see international fans coming here for the expo!


A quick explanation

Regular readers may notice the sudden overnight appearance of a stack of reviews appearing right here on this good blog and may be wondering, “just what is going on here?”, or maybe not? In either case, I will elaborate and shed some light on what Japandaman is up to 🙂 I have been following a crazy Japanese pop culture online store for a little bit now by the name of Otaku Fuel, great products by the way 🙂 I happened to Like them on facebook and was in the right place at the right time when their head honcho posted that they were looking for bloggers to review their products…how was I to say no and not throw my hat in the ring? I sent a link to this forum and to reviews I’d done for Aussie Gamer and lo and behold, I’d been welcomed into the Otaku Fuel fold…very warm welcome I must say. So until I get my mitts on the good stuff and start reviewing them, I thought it’d be a good idea to help out my new transatlantic buddies by linking as much as possible to them in the nest way possible…by writing reviews and linking to their site 🙂

So that pretty much brings everyone around full circle and up to speed with what is happening in these neck of the woods lately. I really hope people support Otaku Fuel as they do have a great range at unbelievable prices so y’all come back now, ya hear?

Thanks peeps, see you all soon 🙂