Japandaman’s goodies, Otaku happenings and light bikes

Wow…it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve just been so into my new duties over at Otaku Fuel. First up, in case you don’t know, I’m now writing product reviews for them and am also their blog contributor, two things that are keeping me very busy and very happily so I must add! Otaku Fuel are a US based site that specialise in anime, manga, cosplay accessories, in fact anything and everything J-pop culture related…they’re a superior site with an excellent product range. Look up their site and Facebook page and while you’re there, check out their merch, links are above 🙂

I’ve also decided to take some pics of my small but growing Otaku collection for everyone to see, pics below with some descriptions 🙂

A peek at my manga, Bleach and Vampire Knight and the Death Note Collection Vol. 1, Ryu from a gatcha machine, Mario and Spider-Bear!

My 3DS and Psp Go living peacefully together, my CD collection (J-Pop and OST’s), my magazines are just showing.

My Japanese magazines collection. Dengeki Games on the left which unfortunately has been discontinued. The Playstation and Famitsu Weekly magazines were purchased in Japan when we were there. The Dengeki’s and other magazines were purchased from Kanga Kanga, a Japanese magazine/book importer based in downtown Melbourne. Taka-san runs the place and is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable so pay him a visit and have a look at what he has on offer, there’s heaps for everyone!! The Kanga Kanga site has address details, keep up to date with his blog, Twitter and Facebook page 🙂

Ryu, Mario and a Nintendog!

Spider-Man 2 bobble head which was a present from my stepsons quite a few birthdays ago.

And one of my most prized possessions, the Premium Package of Metal Gear Solid which I purchased when we were in Japan from Super Potato Akihabara. Great site here which has a walk through the store which is extremely rare and shows you what to expect. Having been there twice I can vouch for the store and say that as far as retro goes, it’s the best in the land. Great place to find rare items or gaming goodies that were never released in Australia.

That’s all for now but I will take some pics of my figures and post them up soon as well. Final Fantasy and Death Note figures only for now but am hoping to change that soon when I have my coins in my pocket!! 🙂

And lastly,the vid below is what awaited me when I left work this evening. Riders on light bikes performing tricks, how cool, right?

See you all soon and thanks for sticking around! 🙂


Review: Appleseed Movie DVD (2004)

Appleseed Movie DVD supplied by Otaku Fuel

Shirow Masamune is a name that reverberates around the Otaku world. He singlehandedly kept the industry alive with a cult classic in the form of Ghost In the Shell. This was followed closely by another classic, Appleseed which was faithfully brought to the anime world by director, Shinji Aramaki. Appleseed was a huge smash in 2004 and even more so when it was released onto home DVD which brings me to this review. Just a brief background about the story first in case you haven’t had a chance to experience it yet.

Deunan Knute is a feisty and highly trained operative who fought in the last Global War and is one of the last human survivors who is teamed up with a technologically advanced cyborg called Briareos as part of the ESWAT organisation. The Appleseed of the title refers to highly sensitive and critical information Deunan must track down and recover before the new world, Olympus, is destroyed. The movie used a new technique instead of traditional cel animation. It combined animation, CGI and motion captured actors to bring incredible movement and a sense of realism to the characters as never seen before in an anime. This really has to be seen to be believed as the fluidity conveyed on the screen is really beautiful and a sight to behold. The transfer to DVD is absolutely faultless and is breathtaking to watch no matter how many times you may have watched it before.

The DVD itself is a two disc presentation with the first disc being the movie with your choice of English or Japanese dub, a commentary track from the director (amazing), soundtrack chapters, Appleseed trailers and the now obligatory trailers promoting other releases. The second disc is where more magic comes alive as it’s jam packed with special features ranging from a special called, “Birth of 3D Live Anime”, which is the making of Appleseed which is a must view, an archive of extensive design galleries, a music video from the Boom Boom Satellites, a commercial for the Appleseed soundtrack (which is another review), characters and mecha image gallery, staff profiles and profiles of the Appleseed characters and mecha info. All in all, a sublime collection of anime goodness worth viewing more than once and compliments the movie and overall presentation beautifully. And of course everything is presented in an impressive 16:9 ratio preserving the original format of the movie.

I think it’s obvious that I’m a fan and it may be a biased review but this is one title that if you don’t own, you must own or at the very least have watched it in Japanese with English subtitles as a true Otaku. This is a title that stands head and shoulders above all else along with some other gems that have deservedly earnt a place in your collection. I can’t praise Appleseed enough, amazing story told at a cracking pace, amazing technology utilised, great soundtrack and characters in a race against time that you will love all bundled in a double disc Special Edition which will look great in any collection.

Enough said, buy this now, it’s that simple 🙂