Fast Five!

See it! That is all. High octane action where you can literally smell the petrol dripping off the screen.


Sweet dreams – Sucker Punch

This is such an awesome cover of the song by Emily Browning…who knew she could sing? She totally does the song justice IMO and the accompanying video is such a strong part of the movie. People need to see this as I can’t understand why the critics have been so so about this one…such a strong message throughout the movie, at times I think maybe it was completely lost on them?

Sucker Punch delivers

Saw Sucker Punch last night with Laucha at Melbourne Museum IMAX, one of the perks of being an employee, free IMAX!! Anyways, I was dying to see this movie as the build up trailers made it look like a Zach Snyder tour de force however when the first reviews came out they were less than favourable. Even large multimedia sites such as IGN whose opinions I largely agree with, weren’t fans of the movie. I kept reading things like, “If you’re a 14 year old male, you will love it else avoid it.”

So it was with some trepidation that I suggested to the Laucha that we see it and she agreed to. Well…we have to say we were completely blown away by Sucker Punch…amazing, exciting, inventive and original with a nice twist and a great message running throughout especially at the end! Laucha completely loved it which was great for me as I thought the over the top scenes would be too much for her but no, all in the context of the movie and aided by the fact that actually isn’t any blood in the movie, well not really. And don’t get me started on the soundtrack…amazing and also great to see two Australian females in the lead and one from my hometown, Melbourne.

To anyone thinking about it, don’t think, go see it not expecting to analyse it afterwards like a philosophy major. You will be entertained.



How did I miss this??

Blood: The Last Vampire. I loved this anime and only now I realised that there was a live action movie…wondering if it’s any good or right up there with the Dragonball and Tekken movie? I’m hoping not but let’s see what the internet provides…anyone seen the live action movie?