Review: Coyote Ragtime Show DVD Box Set: Complete Collection

An anime about a group of interstellar pirates intent on stopping a photonic blowing up a planet called Graceland manages to be thought provoking while providing edge of your seat thrills! Spread out out over 12 episodes on 2 discs, CRS is a fantastic addition to the anime canon and one that completely deserves to be in your collection. Featuring a great cast comprising of a mysterious pirate called Mister, due to having so many aliases, a group of android gothic Lolitas called the 12 Sisters who answer to Madame Marciano and an intrepid Federal investigator who will stop at nothing in her rugged determination to catch Mister. Helping to round out Mister’s support team are Katana, Bishop, Swamp and Franca, the young daughter of the ex-pirate king, Bruce, murdered at the hands of Marciano, and who Mister is sworn to look after and protect as promised to Bruce on his deathbed. I won’t give away any spoilers and leave it up to you to watch but I can’t sing enough praises of this title. Every episode is filled with frantic action from gun battles, car chases, space battles all in a hectic race against time to stop Graceland from being obliterated. The story is rock solid and flows very nicely, you never feel that it’s all being rushed along despite the short number of episodes, it really is a credit to the writers and the animators who manage to block out the right pieces of the script resulting in a tight anime with a great and original cast, exciting action and an amazing colour palette. From the action packed opening credits to the explosive inevitable climax, Coyote Ragtime Show is a fun, fast and thoroughly enjoyable ride.
If I had to sum it up in one word, awesome. Given two words, freakin’ awesome, anime Otakus really need to run, don’t walk, to Otaku Fuel and pick up this great title today, you won’t be disappointed!



Not the crazy anime!!

Ok, so I’ve been trying to find anime for my wife that we can watch together but she’s a not a big fan of the “crazy moments” in anime where the characters just have random moments of crazy behaviour, think Bleach or Naruto or even Xxxholic. See video below for point of reference…I don’t mind them and am used to seeing them but my wife…not a fan.

As another point of reference, she absolutely loved Death Note! Dark, psychological drama with zero crazy moments, just a tight script with awesome characters and excellent pacing. We loved it so much that we ended up buying all three live action movies and watched those as well 🙂 Another one that we’ve just got into on is Bombshells From The Sky which can have those “crazy moments” as well but they’re woven so well into the script that they’re forgivable and don’t seem as random as the other animes. It’s a cute romantic comedy with feline humanoids from space…what’s not to love?!?

So what I’m going to do is start another page on this blog which will hopefully help other people along the same path who are after anime without the random crazy moments! If anyone wants to email me or comment on this post with suggestions for animes, that’d be muchly appreciated as well 🙂

Manga manga manga

Another one of my interests…manga!!! I’d love to read it in Japanese but for now…English will do 🙂 Currently reading Vampire Knight which is an awesome manga but not so good anime. I bought the first anime release which has the first 4 episodes and don’t think I’ll be buying the rest to be honest…I thought it’d be serious with no “crazy” typical anime moments, so more Death Note than say Bleach which can have random moments where it resorts to 8 year old humour for 2 secs then back to serious mode. If you watch anime, you’ll know what I mean…more about Vampire Knight here. A link below where you can watch the first episode online but if that doesn’t work, I’ve also included a youtube vid for a trailer.