Otaku goodness and AKB48 shock!

First off, a big shout out to my extended Otaku “family”, Otaku Fuel. I received the excellent products to review in 6 days from the States, 6 days?!? Must have been sent on the new NBN (National Broadband Network). Then again…maybe not 🙂 Anyways, pics of the goodness as well as the ever important reviews will be forthcoming very soon 🙂 But in other news important to me today I found out that my favourite J-Pop girl group, AKB48 actually had a new member that wasn’t real! So what I mean is that they composited different features from other members to make one new member that existed only in a computer (probably Windoze) 😦 Vid below of how this was accomplished, the end result was actually very subtle and very well done. Under the vid, there’s a link to where you can make your own pop star…and don’t tell me the song in the background isn’t catchy as all hell!!


Link to make your own pop star!


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