Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Coffee. Something that so many people are addicted to and other people drink as a past time. I’ve never been a coffee drinker really, the most I’ve consumed is in the mornings when my mum used to make me her home made lattes by beating the coffee into a froth resulting in a smooth creamy blend 🙂 Those were the days when I was still in high school and living at home as after I moved out I never really kept up the habit. Fast forward quite a few years and I was in a position lucky enough to win a professional Saeco coffee machine for the home through which I got back into the coffee habit. This however didn’t last for one reason or another, probably due to the fact that it dawned on me that it would sooner or later have to be cleaned and on a regular basis 😦 Needless to say the machine ended up being sold due to it being shown no love. Fast forward some more years and I find myself buying a keep cup from my Japanese school to help the cause of cleaning up Japan after the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami 😦

So an ex-coffee drinker with a new coffee cup…what’s one to do?? Apart from my brief stint drinking chai lattes with a splash of vanilla, I hadn’t really delved back into the caffeine world.

I have missed thee!!

The keep cup has revitalised my taste for the caffeine and only just today I had a mysterious headache which after a cup of cappucino has more mysteriously disappeared. Could I be addicted already? Was my body going through withdrawals?? Quite possibly. Will I stay with the caffeine this time around, only time will tell 🙂


About Japandaman
Founder of, co-host of It's Japan, Man! K-Pop DJ.

2 Responses to Coffee, coffee, coffee!

  1. Carol Ann says:

    LOL! You are very funny…you missed the story about our first date…taking me out for coffee and sitting on a cappuccino for 2 hours because you didn’t want to tell me that you didn’t drink coffee! Hehehe!!

  2. Japandaman says:

    Oii…no trade secrets, little Laucha!! 🙂

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