The cheapest games? Not in Australia!

Following on from my recent post on Facebook and Twitter regarding the state of expensive games in Australia (thank you for the comments and Likes), I’m posting here the link to the original article on IGN just so everyone can see exactly how badly we’re getting done over here 😦 Makes you want to shop from this online retailer and only them! Oz Game Shop is based overseas but sell incredibly cheap games…I have a couple of friends who have used the site quite a few times and swear by them and the speedy service with free shipping around the world…4 days delivery in most cases!!! You can pick up the banned Mortal Kombat for PS3 for $54.99, free shipping and yes, that is the AUS price!! As I post this, they are currently sold out so place a pre order if you want it and thought you’d never be playing it 🙂


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3 Responses to The cheapest games? Not in Australia!

  1. the price of games in the US actually blew me away when i saw them. It was to the point i could afford to get back into them again! $10 for new psp games meant instead of being able to buy one i could get five. We’re most definately being cent over the table.

  2. Japandaman says:

    Thanks for the comments and you’re right, we’re definitely getting shafted here…you would think Australia only had one blu ray pressing machine or something??

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